Americans Applaud President Uhuru For Standing Up To Obama On Gay “Non-Issue”

Uhuru Obama face off
What people do behind closed doors is really nobody else’s business apart from those doing it. Who, how and where you do them is your affair, shouting at the top of your voice that you are into this kind of lifestyle helps no one. You included.
The thing with this life is that there are very few common grounds reached by people from across the board be they caucasian, african, latino polinesian and any other race you can come up with. One of them is commerce. Everybody wants money in their pockets. The other is progress, from one level to another. Stagnation of any sorts is detrimental in the long run.
The need for money and progress makes those trying to reach a certain level reach out to those who are already there for both financial and capacity assistance and therein lies the problem.
Developed nations like the US have very different priorities from ours, while giving the assistance the strings attached will include a number of these priorities of which some won’t resonate with the average Kenyan.
President Uhuru Kenyatta took a firm stance and categorically stated same sex relationships as agenda remains a non issue to Kenyans. Period. it is worth noting he said straight to US President Obama, in his presence over the weekend.
And that elicited remarks from sections of the American Citizenry. Have alook what they had to say