ATCL Suspends Its Flights To India.

Air Tanzania Company LTD (ATCL) has temporarily suspended all its flights between Dar es Salaam to Mumbai, India due to the suspension of all existing visas issued to nationals of any country till 15th April this year in relation to wide spread of corona virus.
According to ATCL’s public notes signed by the Managing Director, Eng. Ladislaus Matindi, the suspension of flights starts today 13th March 2020.
Eng. Matindi stated that, the company has updated its cancellation, re-booking and refund policy to all air Tanzania passengers holding their tickets on mentioned routes until 15th April 2020. Also the airline will waive all penalties on reservation changes, re-issues and refunds to affected passengers.
Last week, the government of Zanzibar banned visitors from Italy from entering the Isles for the fear of coronavirus. Speaking on the matter, the deputy minister at the Ministry of tourism and natural resources, Costantine Kanyasu, the banning of these flights will affect tourism sector, among the Tanzanian leading foreign currency earner sector.