BOT: Our Notes Are Safe,Lets Comply Ant-Coronavirus Guidelines.

The bank of Tanzania (BOT) has announced that the current notes that are being used are safe and can not be contaminated by any virus.
In a statement released earlier today 19th March 2020, BOT stated that the notes used have been manufactured in a way that does not allow any microorganism to live.
“The bank of Tanzania would like to inform the community that our notes have been made in a way that can prevent microorganism to reside in them” BOT stated.
BOT has asked all Tanzanians to follow the instructions given by health authorities including washing hands by soaps and sanitisers to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
BOT added that in this time whereby the world is fighting against coronavirus, the community should ignore all false information that have no reliable sources.
“We ask the community during this time to be aware of false information that involves the banknotes and the spread of COVID-19” BOT added.