Buried remains of the late Mobutu DR Congo


Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, said itahamisha remains of the body of the former president of the country Mobutu Sese Seko following an agreement with his family. 
This is in accordance with the statement of the president of the country, President Joseph Kabila. 
late Mobutu was buried in Morocco, He kofariki in 1997 after the removal of power from the rebellion led by his father, President Joseph Kabila. 
had someone who hated a lot and many in the Congo, but the country has experienced conflict since he pong’olewa control. 
Action Kabila appears to many as his plan to kuwapatisha people of the country. 
Kabila won the election of 2007 without objection and is faced with rebellion in eastern countries.

President Kabila has made ​​a declaration unique in his address to parliament, where he pledged to form a government together. 
” This government will include members of the ruling party and opposition together with leaders from civil society,” he said in his speech. 
Specialist issues South Ibrahima Diane says that perhaps Kabila consult son Mobutu, Nzanga Mobutu, before announcing that the remains of the late Mobutu yatazikwa in Congo. 
Mobutu Sese Seko is still remembered most especially his followers believed to be one of the best things he has done is unite the country. 
Nzanga Mobutu is the legislator who is now a close ally of President Kabila. 
Mobutu Sese Seko fled DR Congo when rebels led by Laurent Kabila, surrounding the capital Kinshasa, in 1997. 
Her critics accused her tyrannical leader corrupt who suppress the opposition and crush resources DR Congo. 
also spent millions of dollars to build his palace yaGbadolit, which is in the forests of DRC which was filmed trapping Big escaped DR Congo. 
entered the office through a coup and ruled DR Congo, then known as Zaire, for over 30 years. 
Yet He died at age 66 just a few months after fleeing his country.