CHADEMA’s Three Bigwigs Released From Segerea

Three Members of parliament (CHADEMA) Halima Mdee, Esther Matiko and Esta Bulaya were released from the prison earlier today 12th March 2020 after their 110 million fine to be paid.

The three MPs were required to be released yesterday after a very successful fundraising done by CHADEMA members and Tanzanians but some custodial technicalities made it Impossible.
The Chairman of CHADEMA Mr. Freeman Mbowe was with them plus other four leaders who sentenced by Kisutu resident Magistrate court on Tuesday 10th March 2020.

All eight CHADEMA leaders were found guilty in sedition, incitement charges and also accused by arranging an illegal demonstration which led to the death of Akwilina Akwilini, who was a student at National Institute of Transport (NIT) in February, 2018.

According to CHADEMA senior leaders, the party continues to raise funds so that other leaders can be released from the prison.
In their press conference after being released, Halima Mdee gave her thanks to all Tanzanians who paid their fine.