Coronavirus And Frequent Floods Affects Tourism Industry.

COVID-19 and floods have had adverse impacts on the tourism industry in Tanzania.

Selous Safari is among the tour company affected by the COVID-19 as well as frequent floods in their camps located in Ruaha and Rufiji.

 The general manager of Selous Safari Ricus Delport has confirmed the situation in an interview with Mzalendo Times Blog after donating sanitary tools to Songosongo villagers in Kilwa district as charitable aids to combat epidemic diseases.
Delport said the number of tourists in their camps has decreased after the outbreak of Coronavirus as many countries closed their borders thus most businesses have been put on hold and tourists have been forced to cancel or postpone their trips.
“There are many things that we had planned to do but we have postponed until the situation is stabilized as you see nowadays COVID-19 kills thousands of people in the world. Among our plan is to distribute water at Songosongo village as we do in other social projects,” Delport said.
Apart from that Delport has congratulated the government of Tanzania in its efforts to combat Coronavirus while he asked all citizens to take precautions as the disease affects social and economic activities in the country.
On the other hand, the administration Manager and internal auditor Daniel Mvella said their company will continue to provide support in implementing different social projects to all areas where the company has invested.
“Apart from the equipment we have donated in ensuring the environment of the ocean is clean all the times, we have done our donation to the participatory groups like Beach Management Unit (BMU) at Songosongo village. We have donated new engine of a boat, 200 litres of petrol per month, we are also giving sh500,000 every month as well as repairing the boats,” Mvella added.
Mvella has also asked the citizens to participate in the war against the environmental deterioration and illegal fisheries which will discourage investors to stop doing their investment in the country.