Coronavirus: Let’s Learn From Magufuli’s Greeting Style

To reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus, people around the world are changing their greeting style. These different cultural habits can inspire alternatives in the world.
 In Tanzania, President John Magufuli in his meeting with the veteran politician Maalim Seif Sharif Hamadi in the statehouse used a sign of hands up and knocking their feet as a sign of greeting.

This is because according to the World Health Organization, hands touch can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you.

 In showing the world on protective measures, the health ministry in Tanzania warned while the president Magufuli has become a model to copy in our normal greetings.

Ummy Mwalimu, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, has congratulated the way president Magufuli’s greeting with Maalim Seif, saying that it is among the way to emphasize the citizens to take a step to make sure Corona Virus (Covid-19) do not enter in Tanzania.

In her Instagram account, Minister Ummy wrote “I am continuing to encourage the majority to consider cleanliness principles especially cleaning their hands using soap. We have to stop body contact like shaking hands, hugging and kissing each other”

According to the health ministry, Tanzania has not received any case of Coronavirus but steps should be taken as directed by the ministry. The World Health Organization, WHO, has since declared it a public health emergency of international dimensions.

WHO Chief Tedros Ghebereyesus says almost all African governments have publicly put in place strict screening at entry  points especially airports.

Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ethiopia and Botswana have recorded suspected cases. Other countries in Africa suspected with corona are Egypt, Nigeria and Senegal.