CRDB Brought Huge Motivation To The “Sauti za busara” Film Festival in Zanzibar

CRDB Managing Director Abdulmajid Nsekela (Left) with the Director of SAUTI ZA BUSARA film festival Mr. Yusuf Mohamed (Center) and CRDB bank’s head of business card, Farid Seif (Right) during the Sauti za Busara Film Festival In Zanzibar.

CRDB bank has been hailed for being an important stakeholder in ensuring the successful implementation of the biggest international film festival held in Zanzibar each year known as “Sauti za Busara”.
Speaking at the launch of this year’s festival, Yusuph Mohamed, the director of the festival said that the sponsorship and the presence of CRDB bank has brought huge motivation to the festival as well as insuring that the bank services are available to all participants throughout the event.
“We are very happy to see the biggest bank like CRDB has risen to join us in this festival which aims to raise talents, provide employment opportunities and improve the domestic tourism. We are also very happy to see CRDB bank has their special desk for providing foreign currency exchange cervices to the participants of this festival”, said Mohamed. 
On the other hand, CRDB bank’s head of business card, Farid Seif said that the bank decided to sponsor the festival so as to support the efforts of publicizing tourism attractions in the country as well as supporting local talents that are part of employment to youths.
Also Seif said that in order to attract the participation and skills in the festival, CRDB bank though its card payment campaign known as “Scan, Chanja, Lipa, sepa” has sponsored four customers to participate in the festival by paying all their costs including transport and accommodation for three days of the festival.
“We continue to attract our customers to buy and pay by using their card in our payment machines (POS) which are everywhere in the country and shops, petrol stations, restaurants and other places and therefore our customers should stop moving with money that may endanger their safety”, Seif added.
The winners of CRDB’s Bank “Scan, Lipa, Sepa” Competition celebrating their participation in SAUTI ZA BUSARA Film Festival in Zanzibar.

CRDB’s Director of Retail Banking Boma Raballa with the winners and CRDB employees in a special tent in Sauti Za Busara Film Festival