Dr. Bashiru: Membe Has Opportunity To Appeal.

The Secretary General of the ruling party Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Dr Bashiru Ally has said that the former Tanzanian foreign affairs minister Benard Membe has all rights to rejoin the party.
Talking early today Dr. Bashiru said that the punishment done through CCM’s resolutions to Membe is very huge and what he talks might be the reason.
“You know the punishment is huge, Membe has a right, he needs advise because this is not an issue simple, I don’t like to tell like funny even if it could happen to me I could share with my close friends if I have enough wisdom” Dr. Bashiru said.
Dr. Bashiru has also explained that membe has opportunity to appeal because the process expelled him was like a court process and he has not to interfere.
“The resolution done by CCM was like what done by court, there is an appeal, we can send this issue to the National Executive Committee (NEC) after his appeal and another decision to forgive him may done” Dr. Bashiru elaborated.
According to the CC’s resolutions done in the last week reached, Benard Membe’s membership was pulled out as he committed ethical violation since 2014.