1.Anamkomoa her husband 

prior to her husband 2.Analala 

3.Anachelewa wake up before her husband 

4.Mbishi, feels bullied all the time 

denying her husband 5.Anadhani Mauny- 
Umba is kumkomoa 

6.Mmekaa living room only narrates 

success of families of people 
When any web template a nuisance. 

7.Hataki discuss his salary 

8.We can build any family builds 
only 9.Mkikaa starts gossip crush 

brothers and neighbors 
10.Haridhiki (male provides no sweat but he kudiscourage when 

descending Ye sits on the couch 
On the mat and then hitting the saloon anelekea gossip about the mother joyce kafumaniwa motel. 
11.Nyumbani housegirl not punziki. 

12.Anajali his employment does not want to follow his ways. 

13th .. Anakera so I can quit my job even though  

tormented, kajikata nails and then he demanded to be sent Agha Khan or India 

NOTE: seedy and a man’s head hard he sent him back to them has shazalishwa 3 children, going to another appended 2 children, he’re under the effects he struck children another one on the street, you find Kazaa and every family on the street later lives ghetto or them. 

WOMAN wise. 
1.Unaamka he kashaamka and say “baby up water bath sits bathroom “(her rare) 

2.Unajiandaa to work khaa, clothes zishapigwa passport (folks that work and they did it how many hours? can find a way to work is to bus my inner heart that said “I love u honey” 

3.Unarudi evening you find the fish socks just let you know that a wash at how much I do not know the wash how many hours? 

4.Umejipunzisha on the couch or 
Au bed was kakukalia  
the back is doing Mesaj  
back, khaa he know you want 
it be Saj? can end up saying 
Thanks baby. 

5.Kila he wants to keep abreast tells you and you give capital mana is true (it is a blessing to the family) 

6.Anapenda your brothers (not the mother-in-law comes to a stop nose up as kitimoto) 

7.Anakupa heart in difficult times, eg you lose your job is to advise (baby that’s just life, do not worry you will succeed as how not stand that my project until the appointed) khaa everybody is like this fb? upareni? uchagani? usukumani do?