President of Sudan, General Gaafar Mohamed el-Nimeiry was greeted with Taifa Stars players. Here is greeted by Hassan Gobbos ‘The Moroccan’ and left quite a civilized defender Mohammed Iron. Anayemtambulisha colleagues is captain of the Stars Abdulrahman Juma. Another picture is brat Manara and his face is visible Abdallah Kibadeni.

And Daniel colobus 
in the history of soccer in Tanzania there are enjoyable due to our team matoeo pitch as qualifying for the African Cup of Nations 1980 and there are kusitikisha as Lions fail to take the CAF Cup in 1993. 
Nevertheless, there are disgraceful which yasimuliki. (BEAST).

These things are better happen to ourselves, but it happens in front of strangers shame not ifutiki easily. 
event Taifa Stars play breasts exposed in front of presidents Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania and General Gaafar Mohamed el-Nimeiry of Sudan in 1972 was a big disgrace . 
Wherefore, being on the main stage were never kunidokeza happened in the negotiations between the Mwalimu Nyerere and Nimeiry. It is stated that, after the team line up the pitch with Taifa Stars players being exposed breasts, Nimeiry was teasing her teacher and said: “My brother, that is bankrupt so that even your players do not have a shirt?” Teacher and he said: “You wait, we just put …” It was a joke, but I believe Mwalimu Nyerere and Tanzania in general – but they did not hear the conversation – were humiliated too. 
‘s match was played July 4, 1972 at the National Stadium (now Field of Bibi) was the ceremony of Saba Saba where several teams, including Nigeria, were zimealikwa. 
Formerly it was a common culture for national football teams invited to various national celebrations for the African countries. 

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