Forum: Increase members of constituent assembly to 900

East Africa Business and Media Training Institute (EABMTI)

Participants in a constitution debate held in Dar es Salaam yesterday want members forming the constituent assembly increased to over 900 from 604 to avoid political influence in writing the new basic law.

The debate themed “Tanzania We want” was organised by East Africa Business and Media Training Institute (EABMTI).

One of the key speakers Tundu Lissu who is a member of parliament for Singida East said in order to get fair representation in the constituent assembly the number of members should be increased to 908 and should include members of the Constitutional Review Commission.

“If included views of the members of the CRC will be useful because they have been engaged in the process from the beginning,” Lissu said.

He said at least 76 per cent of the proposed number of members forming the constituent assembly will come from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi which means that the views given will be politically driven.

Another key Speaker Dr Aley Nesor from Zanzibar University said in reality the constituent assembly will comprise majority of CCM members and not wananchi.
“Their views will be influenced by their parties and not wananchi…,” he said, suggesting that members forming the constituent assembly should not be affiliated to any political party,” he said.

Other participants supported three-tier government, saying the current structure has proved failure.

A political veteran Njelu Kasaka said before commencing to write the new constitution there was need to have a debate on which country we want.

He said in reality it was high time for the country to have three tier governments to avoid complaints which have been emerging between the two government structures.