GSM Group Marketing and Communication Manager, Matina Nkurlu explaining the matter to reporters today in connection with the award of the GSM Match Award to the best Yanga team player to be found during the traditional Simba and Yanga match to be held on January 4, 2020, at the Stadium The nation in Dar es Salaam, also called on the team’s lovers to come out in bulk and buy their team jerseys

By staff writer
As the long-awaited match between Simba and Dar Young Africans is moving closer, GSM Group has promised to award the best player from Yanga a quality GSM Brand 5x6x8inch mattress.
GSM Group through GSM Mattress is one of the main sponsors of Dar Young Africans.
The match, first in this league season, will be played at National Stadium in Dar es Salaam and is expected to attract fans from different parts of the country.
Speaking at the company’s head office located in Mwenge Dar es Salaam, GSM Marketing and Communication Manager Matina Nkurlu said GSM believes that the price will motivate players to play hard.
Matina said, GSM being the team sponsor has the responsibility to create an environment that will enable the team to win every match its plays including the long-awaited Saturday match.
“Heading to the big match between the traditional rivals Simba and Yanga, GSM being one of the main sponsors of the team will award the best player a 5x6x8inch quality mattress with GSM Brand
” We believe the prize will motivate the players to do whatever they can to make sure that the team wins the match and make their fans happy,” Said Nkurlu
He added: “Dar Young African is a big and best football club here in Tanzania the same as our GSM Mattress.  We believe Yanga fans deserve a good result from this match and that is why we have set a prize to be won by the best player in order to motivate every player to play hard and bring the victory,” he said
On his side, Dar Young African vice chairman expressed his appreciation to GSM Group for the promise saying it would add morale to his team’s players ahead of the big match