Hosni Mubarak, Former Egyptian President Dies At 91

His death was confirmed by Egyptian state news on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the Al-Watan website reported that he died at a military hospital.
Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak born in 1928, is a former Egyptian military and political leader who served as the fourth president of Egypt from 1981 to 2011, following the assassination of president Anwar Sadat. Before he entered politics, Mubarak was a career officer in the Egyptian Air Force and played a major role in the 1973 Arab-Israel war.
He played a key role in the Israel-Palestinian peace process. But despite the billions of dollars in military aid Egypt received during his time in power, unemployment, poverty and corruption continued to grow.
 Discontent boiled over in January 2011, after similar protests in Tunisia led to the overthrow of the president there. Mubarak was forced to step down 18 days later. Just over a year after Mubarak’s overthrow Mohamed Morsi, an Islamist politician, won Egypt’s first democratic presidential election
He was found guilty of participation in the killing of protesters during the revolution. That conviction was overturned and was freed in March 2017.
Morsi himself was ousted by the military in 2013 and died in 2019 while still in prison.
Mubarak, meanwhile, was initially sentenced to life imprisonment over the deaths of some of the 900 protesters who were killed by security forces during the 2011 uprising. 
These charges were later overturned and Mubarak was released in 2017