Is Avril the Sexiest Celebrity in Africa? This is the Outfit she Wore that Has Been Driving Team Mafisi in a Frenzy for the Last Two Days

And it’s finally upon us, the biggest extravaganza to ever hit our TV screens having premiered last night on Citizen TV.Surely it didn’t disappoint, never does anyway and the highlight of the night was surely Avril’s performance alongside MI Abaga from Nigeria. In case you’re wondering what the entire hullabaloo is all about, I’m referring to the Premier of Coke Studio Africa Season 3.History was truly rewritten if you ask me and of course Team Mafisi, they seemed to be having a field day online. Why the huge fuss you ask? Well, Avril seemed to have taken over a new title, the sexiest female celebrity in Africa.Her well articulated curves seem to have driven the audience into frenzy and just when you thought that was all, she jiggles and wiggles them much to the awe of the crowd. Add her equally exceptional voice and it’s a wrap.I couldn’t handle it, MI also and so did Team Mafisi…I mean just check this out: