It’s Official: Tanzania’s gold exports increase by USD 206.5m to USD 2,941.1m

Tanzania’s gold exports increased by USD 206.5 million to USD 2,941.1 million and accounted for 52.3 percent of exports of non-traditional goods. This was largely boosted by relatively high price in the world market, the Central Bank’s Monthly Economic Review (MER) for September said.
The Bank of Tanzania’s MER latest review said that exports of goods increased by 7.1 percent to USD 6,589.5 million, with non-traditional exports rising by USD 742.7 million to USD 5,618.7 million,
The MER said that significant increase as registered in exports of gold, manufactured goods, horticultural products and other exports.
“Exports of manufactured goods increased by 33.2 percent to USD 1,125.2 million, with significant increase registered in exports of ceramic products, cosmetics, plastic products, iron and steel,” the MER said.
The Review pointed out that most of the manufactured goods are destined to DRC, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi. Likewise, horticultural products increased to USD 370.8 million from USD 181.8 million, much of the increase was recorded in edible vegetables including peas, green beans, onions and tomatoes.
It underscored that during the year ending August 2021, exports of goods and services marginally improved to USD 9,206.9 million compared with USD 9,105.5 million in the corresponding period in 2020, owing to good performance in goods exports.
“Other exports products grew Services receipts declined by 11.3 percent to USD 2,616.0 million for the year ending August 2021,” the Review said.