Jail 120 years to draw a car loaded with corpses, loot

Singida District Court

Singida District Court typically charged four men serving sentences of 120 years in prison for a car that was likisafirisha dead draw from in Morogoro to Musoma in Mara and mourners computer loot and money. 
Waliohukumiwa chains to each other 30 years in prison is Hamis Ali (23), Chicks Issa (33); Khaldi HAMIS (21) and Abubakari Tuesday (26), residents of Saki Singida Municipality. 

Defendant first Omari Idd (38), was acquitted after the court lacked evidence to convict him. Reading the verdict, the judge in charge of the court, Flora Dale, said the evidence presented by the prosecution would drop the course has proved the defendants they were committed the offense. 

Initially, the Prosecutor, Sergeant, Godwel Lawrence, claimed that on December 6, 2012, at 7 : 30 pm, the area of Saki, accused the seized vehicle with registration number SU 37012 a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the government, which was driven by Kalistus Malipula, while carrying the body of Munchari Lyoba who died while a student in the third year University of Agriculture Sokoine (Sua) for transport the from Morogoro to Musoma in Mara region for burial 

He claimed the defendants after they robbed the car draw mourners various items including but not limited bandaid computers, mobile phones and cash over Sh. 8.7 million. 

Claimed also broke the coffin and act upon search the body of the deceased woman for combing cloths, thinking there was money hidden. 

, for their part, defendants they requested iwapunguzie punishment for not having done it, their age will be limited and are expected by their families. 

Request it was heavily prosecutor to ask the court to give severe punishment to be a lesson for other people with similar characteristics. 
Judge Dale said the mistake made ​​by the defendants, they are wild and would not have tolerated in society, it might be a lesson for all those who consider committing acts of brutality like that, he judges each serve a sentence of 30 years in prison.