Kagera’s Chief Sheikh wants to be given condolences when he is still alive


KAGERA Regional Sheikh,Haruna Abdallah Kichwabuta has asked the residents to handle their deepest condolence messages to him while he is still alive, contrary to the custom of giving condolences passed away.

Sheikh Kichwabuta issued this statement recently, at the event launching an autobiography, saying it is taboo to give praises to a person who had already died, regardless that he can neither hear the praises nor see who is praising, that he wants well wishes when still alive.

The book entitled,‘Urithi wa Alhaj Haruna Kichwabuta kwa Wanakagera” was written by Msabila Rafaeli, to honour the legacy he has influenced in society.

Sheikh  Kichwabuta appealed  to Kagera residents to continue  working hard towards  development projects like schools, health centres they serve the entire  community

The event was part of celebrations to the Mawlid to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. which brought together religious and political leaders.

Sheikh Kichwabuta is highly respected in Kagera region for among other things, bringing people together regardless of their religions.

He has also built up a great reputation from being a good orator who leaves everybody listening to him with a smile and laughter, meditating on his teachings.