KCB donates ultrasound machine to SDA Hospital to boost maternal health


KCB Mwanza Branch manager, Joseph Njile hands over set of ultrasound machine to a representative of Ilemela District Commissioner, Amina Masenza before handing over to the management of SDA Hospital in Mwanza.
By Reporter, Mwanza — KCB Bank has donated a state-of-the art ultrasound machine, a printer and a probe to SDA Health Centre in its commitment to boost maternal and child health in Lake Zone regions.

The new gear, which will help improve care for expectant mothers across the region, was officially unveiled over the weekend at the hospital in a function officiated by Ilemela District commissioner, Amina Masenza, Nyanza Arch Bishop, Joseph Bulengela and KCB branch manager, Joseph Njile.

“They will provide much clearer and more precise imaging for gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, A&E and general surgery – with more than 3000- such examinations taking place at the health centre every year,” elaborated Dr Joseph Kajiru, the hospital’s senior medical officer.

For his part, KCB manger, Mr Njile said the bank donated the machine worth over Sh15 million to fulfill its promise it made to Mwanza residents last year during the tour of the minister of State in the President’s

Office for Social Relations and Co-ordination,  Mr Steven Wassira.    

 “I’m so delighted that the new machine has arrived and is ready to be used straight away,” said Mr Njile in a well-attended function.  

One of the residents to benefit from the machine’s service was a 28-year-old expectant mother, Adela Misana, who said the new machine assured her and other expectant mothers safe deliveries.

“I am truly grateful for the machine donated by the bank since it would be effectively used by the centre’s staff in radiotherapy track the progress of the chemotherapy.

“I’m delighted that the bank has been able to purchase a modern, digitally- manned machine for the hospital because it is such invaluable pieces of equipment to have,” she noted.

Additionally, Nyanza Arch-Bishop, Bulengela thanked the bank for donation and promised its effective use and good care while under the hospital hands.

“They are going to make a massive contribution to the extra care and safe deliveries of our patients, especially expectant mothers not only in Mwanza, but in the whole Lake Zone as well,” he said.

Concluding, the bank’s branch manager said: “It’s a great thing to see the young mothers in the hospital directly benefiting from all of our donation and investment and I am looking forward to hearing the many success stories that our new equipment will bring.”