Kisarawe Residents Now To Enjoy Clean And Safe Water

Pwani Regional Commissioner  Engineer Evarist opening water tap in market area around Kisarawe District as a symbol of availability of clean and safe water to residents after completion of biggest water project done by Dar es Salaam Water Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) that costs a total of 10.6 billion that was taken from the authority fund.
Previously The Deputy Minister for Water Jumaa Aweso gave three days to Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) to ensure there is supply of clean and safe water for residents of Kisarawe District,Coast Region
The Kisarawe District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo also complained that inadequate supply of clean and safe water affected development in the district but this project will speed up development in the district and attract a large number of investors.