LHRC points a finger on foul campaigns

The Legal and Human Rights Center (LHRC) has strongly condemned use of the offensive words and railings in the campaign towards the general elections expected to be held on October 25, 2015. Reading from a statement in front of the media today at the headquarters of the center, Executive Director for the LHRC Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba said “we condemn and denounce the offensive statements and verbal language or irony in the campaign, including a statement issued by the former President Hon. Benjamin Mkapa, calling politicians who want the liberation of the nation as ” foolish and unthinkable “.

The Executive Director for LHRC Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba read the statement before members of the press (not in a pic)

 At the same time the LHRC has called on the Electoral Commission (NEC) to fix defects arising during the process of validating the registered voters through Biometric Voters Registration (BVR). The LHRC through the Tanzania Civil Society Consortium on Election Observation (TACCEO) mentions these defects; lack of correct information on the whole process of verification of names for registered voters, lack of names for some of the voters on permanent registration book, the appearance of voters names in different registration centers to those registered, centers missing BVR Kits to be used to fix the errors encountered during the enrollment, verification stations to be away from the residents and unrealistic schedule on Verification process.

Also the LHRC has condemned other improper actions during the campaign, including: people shouting at colleagues from different parties, Police intervention in campaigns of candidates for an excuse to cause disruption and endanger peace, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority restrict the use of helicopters during the campaign and Municipals barring some of the parties from using public squares. The LHRC call for responsible authorities including the police force, the Government Institutions and the National Electoral Commission to favor neither a certain party nor a candidate, instead to be neutral in fulfilling its obligations and ensure all parties and candidates receive equal rights and opportunities.

Members of  the press in action

Lastly the LHRC have asked Tanzanians to be calm and to follow up and discuss the points of candidates without emotions so they can vote to choose competent leaders for betterment of nation.