Maalim Made A Shock Visit To The State House.

The veteran politician Maalim Seif Sharif Hamadi who is also ACT-Wazalendo chief advisor, has met with President Magufuli at the state house to discuss some of important issues for the national interest.
Early Tuesday on 3rd Martch 2020, Maalim Seif visited the state house after a request to meet with the president John Magufuli.
Maalim said that he has talked with president Magufuli on development issues of the country especially peace, love and security.
“I have met with the president and we have talked about issues of our country, how we shall make Tanzania the peaceful country, secured country and love to all Tanzanians” Maalim said after his talk with president Magufuli.
He added that the president is a transparent person and he is ready to meet with anyone for advice and he thanks him to agree meeting with him.
Maalim Seif said among other things they have talked with president Magufuli should not be in public.