Magufuli Cancels The Uhuru Torch Races

President John Magufuli has announced to stop the operations of Independence Torch (Mwenge wa Uhuru) this year  due to the ongoing concerns of Coronavirus.
Speaking early Monday morning, Magufuli said the budget for operating the independence torch this year will be used in by the Health Ministry to deal with the COVID-19.
He said according to the fact that the disease has been declared worldwide as a global pandemic, racing the torch this year might further spread the Coronavirus in the country. 

“The national torch was required to be lighted and start  operations in Zanzibar  then, throughout the whole country. For the authority I have, the torch will not be raced until the disease ends ” he said.
On the other hand president Magufuli added that until now Tanzania has not recorded any case of Coronavirus but he has insisted to Tanzanians to take precaution measures because the disease, as of now has no direct cure.
In East African zone, Kenya and Rwanda are the only countries to have recorded cases of COVID-19 right now.