Magufuli: Population Increase Will Promote The Economic Growth.

President Magufuli has repeated in his speech today over birth control saying that a large population will promote economic growth.

During his tour to the continuing construction of Ubungo interchange, President Magufuli said the economic growth of any country depends on the population growth.

“When you have a big population, your economy grows. That is why China’s economy is huge. Nigeria has a large population, it has about 202 million people and it benefits from demographic distribution” President Magufuli added.

President Magufuli has elaborated that the increase of the number of people will also increase their needs that will lead to more production and national economic growth.

“A big population is huge capital, people will do all productive works and ensuring the market for produced goods and services” He said.

The president also had time to visit the expansion of Mwenge-Morocco road, and expansion of Morogoro road from Kibaha to Dar es Salaam.

Also, he is expected to visit the collapsed bridge of Kiyegeya in Morogoro today.