Magufuli: We Must Take Precautions Against COVID-19

President John Magufuli has urged Tanzanians to take precaution measures as the world is struggling to contain the spread of Coronavirus which has already claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people globally.
Addressing the nation today, Magufuli said that Coronavirus is now a pandemic disease and therefore Tanzanians should be serious on taking actions to avoid the disease.
“We have not confirmed a case of Coronavirus but we can’t stay idle and do nothing, we must take precautions.
 Coronavirus kills very fast, let’s take steps aimed at protecting ourselves,” President Magufuli said.
President Magufuli ordered the regional and district authorities, defense and security organs to supervise the borders and do health checks to foreigners who are entering in Tanzania.
“The defense and security organs should supervise our borders so that everyone entering in our country should be tested of Coronavirus, this will help us to avoid this disaster,” President Magufuli added.