Manara To Miss The Kariakoo Derby

Simba’s head of communications Haji Manara, will miss the Kariakoo derby on Sunday 8th March 2020
Talking early today from Sevilla Spain, Manara said due to other activities and the changes of flight time table; will possibly make him to miss the derby for the first time as a head of communications in Simba Sports Club.
“Let me beg you a pardon, unfortunately, for the first time as a club’s spokesman I’m going to miss the derby due to activities and flight time table and possibly on the derby day I shall still be in Sevilla Spain.” Manara said.
Also Manara has insisted Simba fans to appear at the stadium as many as they can so as to motivate their players to win the game on Sunday.
Manara said “I have talked with my boss the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Senzo, our body of directors chairman Mr. Mohamed Dewji and our captain John Boko, I assure you the club is good, the issue to do is you fans to fill the stadium”
On Sunday 8th March, Simba sports club will be the away team in the Kariakoo derby against Young Africans Football Club.