MASHINJI Shockingly Absconding CHADEMA for CCM

The former CHADEMA secretary general Dr. Vicent Mashinji has defected to the ruling party (CCM).
Dr. Mashinji has joined with the ruling part CCM early today to support the fifth phase government to bring about develoment of Tanzanian people.
Announcing his decision at Lumumba’ CCM  sub office in Dar es Salaam, Dr. Mashinji said he has joined with CCM after in-depth surveillance of his former part CHADEMA, especially to its ideologies.
“CHADEMA as a conservative party is mismatch with what we believe and what we do, that is why I have requested to join CCM” Said Dr. Mashinji.

Dr. Mashinji joined with CHADEMA as a secretary general in March 2016, replacing Dr. Wilbroad Slaa who left the part in 2015 during the general election