Missenyi District Council’s officials visiting projects to verify value for money


MISSENYI District Council’s  Finance, administration and planning committee is visiting ten development projects worth  900m/-

The purpose of the visiting tour is to verify if the value for money reflects the projects.

The District Council Chairperson Projestus Tegamaisho told journalists in Missenyi that the committee has started touring the development projects on Wednesday to observe the value for money in 10 projects.

“We have visited Kakunyu health centre worth 98.1m/- implemented through the district council domestic revenue. On Thursday, the Committee is expected to visit projects in Kiziba division.”

He added: “The aim of the Committee is to visit the entire project and ensure that the taxpayers’ money is well used and not otherwise.”

Tegamaisho has further said that the projects to be visited are of education, health, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing that implemented in Kakunyu, Mutukula, Kassambya, Nsunga, Mushasha, Kitobo, Kanyigo and Kashenye wards.

The councillors in the committee are Projestus Tegamaisho, Henry Bitegeko, Leticia Paschal, Dorice Kyombo, Msafiri Nyema, Yusuf Mzumbe and Willy Mutayoba