John Mnyika, Shadow Minister for Energy and Minerals.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Minerals, John Mnyika, has called on President Jakaya Kikwete stop round four of the issuance of licenses for the exploration of natural gas and oil to the policies and laws of natural gas zikamilike, and review of energy policy and the law of oil to be made. 
Mnyika who is also a member of the Ubungo (Chadema), said the move is back comment and suggestions he are submitting to parliament on behalf of the Group Official Opposition May 22 this year. 
During his statement to the media yesterday, said the president must take such steps to comply that May 25 this year, instead of addressing these recommendations, the Minister of Energy and Minerals, Prof. Sospeter Muhongo gave false answers and fabrication parliament on various issues. 
” Either the White House should explain whether the Cabinet under President Kikwete is that made ​​the decision to continue with the process of licensing blocks exploration of natural gas in the absence of a policy of gas nature and the law of natural gas, and energy policy and legislation relating to oil or decisions Organization Petroleum Development (TPDC) and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, “he said. 
Mnyika added that Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda should explain whether the statement of irony , contempt and lies recently released by the Minister Muhongo, that the ability of traders to Tanzania is investing in soda and juice, not in the gas industry, it is the government’s position or opinion of the minister personally. 
“Provided that the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, through the Organization of Petroleum Development in (TPDC), has announced the circuit’s fourth licensing of research of natural gas and oil in blocks eight in and out of the water of Lake Tanganyika with the size of square kilometers of three thousand each to be held in October 2013. 
” The government has allocated limits of two gardens on the deep sea, and enter into joint ventures to research a company called shareholder of Strategic (Strategic Partner) whose government is ijamtaja , “he said. 
said this process takes place when the nation being a viable policy (the process of write still ongoing) and finally begin preparation to a specific act of managing the sub-sectors of gas, a move that should adhere to the reform policy and legal sectors. 
added that already Tanzania has held the discovery of cubic feet more than a trillion 32 of gas in several locations in the country, so making it among the country candlesticks of many gas Africa and the world. 
” These riches of gas so far does not have a policy or legislation guidelines and management controls to ensure you benefit Tanzanians, avoid the mistakes made ​​in other investments of natural gas and other resources held without effective systems, “he said.