Morogoro-Dodoma Bridge To Be Fixed Today

The rehabilitation of Dodoma-Morogoro Bridge has started since yesterday night by Tanzania People’s Defense Force (TPDF) and may be completed at any time.
According Morogoro Regional Commissioner Loata Ole Sanare the reconstruction of the fallen bridge at Kiyegeya in Kilosa District may be completed at any time from today.
On the other hand the Deputy Minister for work, transport and communication, Elias Kuandikwa, said the efforts to reconstruct two Iron bridges done by TPDF have started since yesterday.
He said the government is ensuring the fast rehabilitation to return the transportation and communication between Dodoma and Morogoro regions.
He said the road is essential for economic activities not only to the to the central zone regions but to neighboring countries including Rwanda, Burundi and Congo.
Due to the situation, the deputy minister Kuandikwa told the citizens especially small car users to use the alternative road of Morogoro-Iringa-Dodoma.
“When the problem happen, we combine our efforts, we have included constructors from Tanroad, within the ministry and other institution like SGR constructors who have modern tools and also experts from TPDF, this will help to complete the bridge very early” Kuandikwa said.
The Kiyegeya Bridge connecting Morogoro to Dodoma regions has fallen on Monday due to heavy rainfall.