Muleba District fights illegal fishing in full swing


MULEBA District has vowed to fight illegal fishing in Lake Victoria in a full capacity that it retains the consumers’ health and safeguard the economy of the district in particular and the nation at large.

This situation has manifested itself, following a crackdown at all beaches and in waters, which recently apprehended six culprits of illegal fishing at Mahiga beach, Iroba village in Bumbire island. They were found with three boats, 15 pieces of illegal fishing driftnet worth Tsh 2 million, young fishes below 48 centimetres which is allowed to catch Nile perch.

The patrol comprised of ward fisheries’ officers, village and ward Executive officers and district task force against illegal fishing who met serious resistance from fishermen that some dived into the water and swam away, but fought ‘tooth and nail’ to arrest the six culprits.

Speaking shortly after the culprits were brought to District headquarters from the island, Muleba District Commissioner, Toba Nguvila has ordered the fishermen to be taken to the court of law for further legal actions.

The DC has also warned the business tycoons who are sponsoring illegal fishing that their days are numbered.

“No stone will be left unturned until we eradicate all forms of illegal fishing in our District,” he said.

He also warned the task force team to avoid being involved in any sort of illegal fishing, saying if anyone found involved, legal measures will be taken against them.

Muleba district fisheries officer, Wilfred Tibendelana said the driftnets seized have the same colour as the water, which make it easier for the illegal fishermen to catch more than 1.5 tonnes of fish per day.

Muleba District Commissioner, Toba Nguvila