Mwinyi calls on youth to advocate for, keep peace

Former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi

Former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi has urged the youth in the country to use their acquired knowledge to advocate peace and refuse to be used by politicians for private goals.
He said despite the various challenges facing them, they should not agree to be used to destabilise the prevailing peace in the country.

“Though the youths do experience multiple challenges in their lives, it is important that they maintain peace and stability of the nation. It is only when the country is peaceful that solutions to their challenges can be found,” noted Mwinyi.

Mwinyi made those remarks over the weekend to mark the International Day of Peace which is normally commemorated on September 21 each year.

The event was attended by school children, diplomats and other dignitaries.
Mwinyi said it was very sad to notice that some youths agreed to be used by greedy individuals to destroy the peace of the nation nurtured for decades.

“You should not allow yourselves to be used by a few politicians who are power hungry to bring disharmony in the country for them to achieve their political goals,” he urged.

Mwinyi said the youths have the right to choose the best course of actions, but such actions should be meant for the benefit and development of the nation as a whole.

Elaborating on the importance of the peace day, the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF) Country Representative, Jama Gulaid, said the day is meant to emphasise peace to the World. Gulaid noted that it is important for everyone to think about and value peace.

“It is to time for reflection and prayers for peace especially for troubled countries which have for so many years faced instability,” he called.

According to Gulaid, there is a need to lead and teach the youths about the importance of maintaining peace in society and the country at large.

Gulaid stressed that the youth must use their strength and knowledge in promoting peace.
The United Nation (UN) adopted the International Day of Peace in September 21, 2001.