Obama wants quick solution to the budget


President Obama has said he is ready to talk to members of the Republican Party about anything, but the House of Representatives should first approve the bill to open more government activities. 
U.S. President Barack Obama, has warned that world leaders are concerned members of the Republican Party in it might quite disturbing national economy and swear stability in its position of wanting to exchange rate U.S. inazoweza borrow to pay its debt to be raised without any conditions. 
Speaking at a press conference information in his palace in Washington on Sunday, President Obama has urged members of the party Republicans should stop intimidation and vote waupigie law a bill approving funding for the government, which possibly may be passed today. (PT)

“House of Representatives should vote today. As politicians of the Republican Party and Speaker Boehner say there are not enough votes. Therefore required to confirm. Suffer bill upigiwe vote and then see what happens. My biggest worry is that there are enough votes.” 
Boehner refuses to surrender unconditional 
Speaker of the parliament of the United States, John Boehner, has insisted there will be ‘unconditional surrender’ to the Republican Party. Boehner has said parliament litairuhusu U.S. ikope more money if President Obama will accept curb spending. However, there were signs of hope for kuutanzua crisis strict budget that has led some government operations closed for more than a week and sparking fears that the U.S. may not be able to pay its debts as that amount will not be added to 17th this month. 
Obama has said there and will need temporary concessions agreed to increase government inazoweka borrow money and to re-open closed operations, a move that itauahirisha the crash for several weeks. Meanwhile, President Obama has accused Republicans lawmakers deadlocked budget to use as an instrument of pressure on kuyahujumu goal of health insurance reform. 
Analysts say the new approach is plagued Republican Obama. Economist Steven Ricciuto says, “I think that will be the strategy of the Republican Party who, to some extent can be accepted by Americans, that you must not fail to pay debts. Yet in bills all budgets there might be attached yaliyofungamanishwa, which goes yakauendeleaza crash tense.” 
But President Obama he stuck to his guns that had not accept any agreement about accepting theories they took offense at the Republican Party to gain more authority to borrow money to cover the financial obligations of the United States. Obama has said the legislature has two basic job – passing the budget and ensure U.S. pays its debts.Ameonya that MPs were demanding they be paid reparations to emphasize his position that he held talks with Republicans once the exchange rate kitakapoongezwa and government operations closed zitakapofunguliwa. 
Speaker Boehner appeared on television shortly after Obama finished his meeting with the authors of the information and said the talks will be held. The speaker also has criticized Obama’s position, saying the U.S. government not functioning. Obama, who spoke with Boehner before by phone, questions raise the amount of money the government inazoweza borrowing is essential to the credibility of the country to borrow money and must not be compromised to political uncertainty. 
first woman holding charge of the central bank of the United States 
During the crisis of budget underway, President Obama today will nominate Janet Yellen as the first woman to lead a major U.S. bank. Obama will propose Yellen to phase four years taking purses from Ben Bernanke, whose policies of his eight years were involved and deal with conflict economic facing the world and looking for ways to revive the economy. 
Officer of the U.S. has said the announcement will be made ​​in the White House tonight in the event litakalohudhuriwa and Bernanke, opening the door for the process to be confirmed in that position. Yellen, aged 67, has been held the second position of the leadership of the bank. 
Yellen was born in New York and is married to a nobel economics laureate, Professor George Akerlof and is the mother of an economics professor, Robert Akerlof. She studied economics at Brown University and later at Yale University, where he obtained his Masters degree. Yellen has been a professor at Harvard University and most recently at the University of California, Berkeley, where her husband also teach and do research. 

Reporter: Josephat Charo