Police in Kisarawe Launches End Gender Violence Campaign

Police in Kisarawe district has launched a campaign known as ‘End Gender Violence in Kisarawe’ aimed at eliminating violence act against girls.
Speaking during the inauguration, Kisarawe Officer Commanding District, (OCD) SSP Eva Stesheni has said that the campaign is being coordinated by the police force collaborated with schools in the district.
“Violence acts like rapes and others have continued to be reported in our district, last year we received a total of 50 cases which were all related to rape” She said.
SSP Stesheni added that “In a period between January 10thto February 22nd this year,20 cases of rape have been reported and this shocked us to think a solution that has midwifed this launch for a special campaign to educate the communities”
She further added that the aim of the campaign was to raise awareness and motivate the public to fight all sorts of violence against women.
The desk will help students and individuals on what to do after being sexually abused so that they do not interfere with evidence.
Another aim of this campaign is would be to enlighten them on their right as survivor’s violence act” added the cop.

SOURCE: Daily news