Police’s Excessive Force In Kenya Kills A Bodaboda Operator

A family in Kwale, is demanding justice following the death of Khamisi Juma bega, a bodaboda operator, whom they claim was beaten to death by police in Kenya.
According to the Citizen digital in Kenya, 49-year-old Khamisi was beaten by police officers who were enforcing the nationwide curfew.
On Friday, the first day of the curfew, Khamis is said to have received a call from one of his customers who was expectant.
She asked him to take her to the hospital but little did he know that this would land him in trouble.
On his way back from the hospital, he is said to have met officers on patrol at Ujamaa stage on the Mombasa-Lungalunga highway.
He could not get medical attention that night and was only taken to hospital the next day owing to the curfew
Police in Matuga have however denied the claims even as Matuga sub-county police commander Francis Mguli said they would investigate.
The body has since been taken to Coast General mortuary for postmortem.
Residents are calling on the Inspector-General of Police to caution his officers against using excessive force.