PRST invites stakeholders to its first AGM on Thursday in Dar

Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST), a non-partisan, non-governmental, Public Relations profession organization has invited its stakeholders to the first annual general meeting on Thursday, October 28-29 this year.

Addressing a press conference briefing on Monday in Dar es Salaam, PRST Secretary-General Ndege Makura said that the society has failed to hold the past two AGM meetings due to a novel coronavirus outbreak.

“This will be the first AGM since we establish the Public Relations Society of Tanzania in 2017 and came into effect in 2018,” he said.

On his part, PRST president Loth Makuza said the Information and Relations profession should be respected and not interfered with by non-professionals.

PRST’s leaders addressing a press conference in Dar es Salaam on Monday 

Makuza said this years’ AGM will be an opportunity for all stakeholders in public relations and media in the fraternity where the AGM will provide a broad discussion that will solve the challenges facing the industry.

“We have never held a conference like this, this is a meeting of all journalists, people working with public relations, communication, marketing and ICT, we will have a wide debate to discuss the profession and defend it,” said Makuza.

Speaking at the sideline of the press briefing, the Organizing Committee’s Chairperson Mary Kafyome said that the AGM will be a good initiative for the stakeholders and will also build good relations between journalists and public relations officers.

She further said that the 2-day AGM will also discuss cross-cutting issues in the media industry, journalists and information officers as well as will also choose new leaders of the PRST.

The meeting will be graced by the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s Permanent Secretary Dr Hassan Abbas.

However, the Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) is a non-partisan, non-governmental, Public Relations profession organization registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs with Reg. No. S.A. 20173 under The Societies Act [CAP. 337 R.E. 2002].

Established in 2017, Public Relations Society of Tanzania is governed by the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee and encompasses different kinds of membership to the association.

It is a body that regulates the practice of Public Relations profession in Tanzania by overseeing, directing and facilitating the efforts of academic institutions instructing Public Relations and organizations practising the profession, that, it is adhered to the highest of standards and excellence in all aspects of communication.

Public Relations Society of Tanzania guided by values of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism goes beyond Public Relations regulation to events management, dissemination of PR information and is envisioned towards promoting the beauty, greatness and achievements of Tanzania as a Nation, projecting a brighter image to the world and a promising future of the continent and its people for socio-economic development