Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa – QNET, Biram Fall.
QNET, a leading global e-commerce business has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that all its customers and potential independent representatives (IRs) across the world, especially in Africa, are well served. QNET through its network marketing training programme called the QNETPRO, is training and re-training its independent representatives to become more professional and uphold best ethical standards.  
According to the QNET Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Biram Fall: “QNET is committed to building the most professional direct sellers in the industry. We have high standards of professionalism and through QNETPRO, we are providing the needed education in customer service, marketing and direct selling to our independent representatives. We make use of tools such as face-to-face trainings, online seminars, videos, demonstrations and mentorship.”
QNETPRO empowers and teaches core values of passion, building reputation, ethical business practice, accountability, hard work, trust, honesty, truthfulness and ownership of responsibility. 
Mr. Fall stated further: “We strive to maintain a positive reputation that thrives on accountability. Creating a long lasting relationship and encouraging everyone to do the right thing and imbibe a culture of responsible business practice.”
The QNETPRO Training and Certification Programme is QNET’s initiative to actively raise awareness and remind all independent representatives about the importance of practicing professional direct selling business behaviours at all times. The programme aims to share the rules that are set in the QNET Policies and Procedures to allow better understanding and compliance. 
He continued: “QNET pledges to give the direct selling industry the best and most professional representatives in each region in which it does business. We are the pioneers and the voice for the direct selling industry in many emerging economies and we take that responsibility serious. Our mission is to educate, inform and train our Independent Representatives to uphold the highest standards in conducting business. As aspiring entrepreneurs, they are not just building a business that helps them become financially independent; they are leading a wave of change.”
He concluded, “At QNET, we believe in walking the talk. We require complete adherence to QNET’s Code of Conduct as compliance with our Policies and Procedures. At this time, when the direct selling industry is becoming a profession of choice in many emerging economies, it is important for us to set high standards. We take violations to our policies and code of conduct very seriously. We back responsibility with action through our solid network integrity review processes. Over the years, QNET has terminated numerous IRs in more than 30 countries for proven non-compliance, policy violations, or unethical practices.
Ultimately, through this program, QNET is educating people that the business is for the long term. In order for them to build something that is sustainable and will reward them in the longer term, they must do things the right way. It is not meant to be a short term campaign, it is about emphasizing the message of sustainability to anyone interested in the QNET business. QNET does not want people to think of its business as a quick-money scheme, or a short-term flash in the pan. QNET wants people to see this as a real opportunity to become an entrepreneur with the same type of hard work and commitment and ethics that are needed for someone to build any other type of traditional business.

In 2019 alone, our team of QNETPRO Trainers have trained over 35,000 IRs in more than 35 locations worldwide. These include: Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, Sudan, and Tanzania. Many countries across West Africa including Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameroun, Guinea and Niger, Sierra Leone also underwent some QNETPRO trainings.