RC HAPI: Tanzania Is The First African Country To Supply Electric Energy in Rural Areas.

Tanzania has been named the first country in Africa that has enabled citizens in rural areas to have access of electricity by high percent as one of the ways to empower citizens to deal with economic challenges by improving infrastructures to citizens in rural areas.
Regional Commissioner of Iringa Ali Hapi said that at Maboga village Kiponzelo ward, in Iringa District in Iringa region during his new Iringa visit with aim of listening and solving challenges of citizens living in rural areas.
He said ”We have been sent by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania so as to listen and solve challenges that  are within our capacity  ,you are our employers therefore we have to serve  you  and make sure you have good life and reduce poverty at your homes”
He also asked all citizens to stop the habit of believing in hypocrisy to government executives by ripening information that will disappoint them to work hard so as to help Honorable President to build new Tanzania of industries and business.