Re: ‘A good woman will do what in the morning?’ Read this guy’s take on it!

A LIB reader shares his thoughts on a tweet I shared this morning about waking your man up from sleep with a ‘head’. But wait, every morning? Lol. His take is interesting & hilarious Read below…

Shey you guys see, dear ladies, you have proven that you don’t like “ya-selves”, most females who responded actually “tu-fia-kwad” the thought. But what’s what wrong with a head? And I mean A Good Head, not that nonsense side eyeing, “thumb & index finger grabbing”, closing ya eyes super tight acting like we’re punishing you, tip-on-the-tongue tasting and you’re done. You de season am?

So you refuse to give us head and you will not let us hear word when we find the ones that will even bring their girls to do a “head contest”. Y’all just explained that you’re the reason we (men) find reasons to jump ship. I gave you tips the last time on how not to stress but love us – intimately, I won’t lie, we need that bomb intimacy – the complete package, the complete series so as for us not to mess up but we will…..and we will blame you for igniting the spark that led to it.

But wait……..what’s the definition of a good “NIGERIAN” woman? It’s not a woman who kneels down to greet you – NO. It’s not a woman who gives you your complete change when she returns from the market – NO. It’s not even the one that receives bashing from you and her mother in-law and she cries believing it’s her fault for the tantrum. These are all ‘YES’ women who sacrifice themselves. A good woman………..A GOOD WOMAN is a STRONG woman, I love to call these set “Bad bit*hes” (Excuse my French), these women ignore the guy BUT gets the guy………but a lot of Naija guys don’t get the memo and the ones that do spoil the intention (when given the green light) with JAMB questions #GoFigure.

In case you don’t know, ladies of today outdo themselves, guys, it’s like a war, this is why we confuse love for lust, we see a babe wearing jeggings or tights and her big yansh (A good woman has a state of the art ASS – There’s a difference) does magic to our brains, dear guys, a good fine bit*ch doesn’t have for that. A good woman makes some change with a legal job / career, a good woman makes you a better person (Not by quarrel oo dear LIB Miss World). A good woman stands up for herself to get that respect from a man. A good woman can keep a man who would not be STRESSED and lastly, A good woman will pray with you in the morning then give you a head so good, she won’t stop until you do a Fetty Wap hook to signal your surrendering. And where can you find these women?