Ronaldinho joins prison team after being hailed in Paraguay

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Ronaldinho has reported joined a prison football team but is not allowed to score goals because it would give his side an unfair advantage, after being arrested for entering Paraguay with a false passport last week

The legendary footballer would be allowed to play in the upcoming Futsal Tournament in the Paraguayan prison but will not be allowed to score a goal.

Last week Thursday, the former Ballon D’Or winner was arrested alongside his brother for trying to enter Paraguay with fake passports.

Both Ronaldinho and his brother are sharing a cell in Agrupación Especializada of the National Police of Paraguay. It just so happens that days after one of the world’s greatest footballers entered the facility, the prison are staging a futsal tournament.

The decision for him not to score was made by inmates who feel if he scores, it I’ll not be fair on the other inmates.
The 39-year old has looked remarkably relaxed and at ease behind bars, signing shirts and even drinking alcohol with fellow inmates.

Former teammate and understudy, Lionel Messi has reportedly offered $4 million and his Lawyers to bail the Brazilian wizard out of jail.