Secretary General of the Association of ZANU-PF, Didy Mutasa Amewataka kutovitilia Tanzanian Africans generally considered as the opposition parties are private and have no direction to help people

Secretary General of the Association of ZANU-PF, Didy Mutasa showing color morale of his party, was speaking to reporters news, during a meeting of permanent secretaries of the parties that had been the liberation of southern Africa, the hotel Kunduchi Beach, Dar es Salaam . Left is Secretary General of the CCM, and four Kinana Andulrahman left is Secretary of NEC, Ideology and Publicity, Nape Nnauye. 
* Claims are agents of Western countries * Chahoji, as Mugabe is a very old man, why Queen Elizabeth is much older than Zimbabwe?

Bashir snorting, DSM Tanzania and Africa in general have been asked kutovitilia consideration the opposition parties on the grounds that are personal and have no direction to help people. 
Wametakiwa continue to believe and from supporting Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), to go forward to lead Tanzania to be the party with policies and view point of development. 

That has been said today by the Secretary General of the ruling Zambia, ZANU-PF, Didymus Mutasa, at the sixth meeting of the General Secretaries of the parties that had been ukjombozi southern Africa, was held today, at the hotel Kunduchi Beach, just outside the city of Dar es Salaam. 

Mutasa said the opposition parties do not have the status of a very reliable citizens because they are not parties makinikutokana and establishing her that is ubabaishaji which linavikosesha grounds to make progress. 

“Africa is no opposition Tanzanians not agree completely, as the parties have no direction in particular due to their roots in the establishment its different parties control that with the introduction aimed kuzikomboa their countries but also laid up the foundations of economic growth,” he said. 

Alizilaum the West , saying the are have brought an influx of opposition parties aimed at finding loopholes come to exploit and loot the resources in Africa, insisting that blacks are admitted to equip the space. 

Regarding his party ZANU-PF continue to assume the leadership in Zimbabwe through various options , including expired recently by President Robert Mugabe to win the Secretary General he said, has come from Zimbabweans deny giving opponents state and ZANU-PF to properly manage the investment policy. 

“We are confident we are loved and wazanzibabwe, mainly due to the government to be open and make sure the carriage resources of the country and even listen to their cries. Thus, our victory is the voice of Zimbabweans,” he said. 

“Even their cries especially the question that President Mugabe is old aged, why they forget that Queen Elizabeth is older than the country itself of Zimbabwe let alone President Mugabe?, said adding, 

“The Queen is elder than Zimbabwe itself and is still the queen of England. So Mugabe is our president and Zimbabweans still love him.”

Opening the meeting, the chairman and the chairman of the meeting, the Secretary General of CCM, Abdurahman Kinana said among the things that Permanent Secretaries will discuss the details of how to find them a opportunity to young people, so that they can participate in various aspects of their countries, including hold leadership positions. parties participated conference, is CCM (Tanzania), SWAPO of Namibia, Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF, MPLA of Angola, FRELIMO of Mozambique and the ANC in South Africa.