Selous Safari Launches A New Project To Protect The Indian Ocean

Selous Safari Company has distributed sanitation facilities to Songosongo residents and open a new project known as  ‘we care’.

 The project has introduced as a part of strengthening the sanitation policy and coastal protection system supervised by BMU (Beach management unit).

According to Selous Safari, the project is one of the promises they made for changing the coast of Songosongo and giving a good look  to attract and receive many tourists, as well as managing security issues to protect the ecosystem of fish and the ocean as a whole.

Addressing the citizens at Songosongo Island, Selous Safari’s general manager Ricus Delport asks the citizens to collaborate with them in conserving the environment in the Indian Ocean.

 He also insisted on promoting Njove and promising to increase the number of tourists on the island if people will agree to participate in managing and changing the island’s environments.

Delport has advised locals to look for a speciality that will attract tourists to the area as he believes many tourists love natural things like the types of houses, food and people who can best describe the island’s environments.

 Let’s learn from our fellow Maasai, when all tourists come to the north then the Maasai are on the sidelines selling beads, souvenirs and they’re very careful. It’s good to learn through them” Delport said.

On the other side, the chief the executive officer of Selous Safari Company Daniel Vela said one of the things the company does is to donate oil for protection and administer the BMU (Beach Management Unit) policy that requires cleanliness and protection for all beaches.

He added that they contribute 200 litres of oil every month plus 500,000 Tsh to strengthening protection.
Songosongo executive officer Ulimboka Ndile, has acknowledged Selous Safari due to how the village benefits from the investment especially on social activities such as donating to hospitals and schools.
Also, Salum Yusuph among the resident of Songosongo village urges citizens and the family of Songosongo to turn aid into a development phase.