Simba SC’s Former Communication Officer Dies.

The former spokeswoman in Simba Sports Club, Asha Muhaji has died at Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam where she was treated.

Simba officials have confirmed the death of Asha today on 25th March 2020 saying that she was among the stakeholders and fans who had a huge contribution in the club.

According to the spokesman, Haji Manara, Simba SC has received information that Asha has died and they are continuing to communicate with her family on the funerals.

“We have received information that Asha Muhaji our former communication officer has died today at Hindu Mandal Hospital, we are very sorrow to lose her, I had communicated with her daily and she helped me in my department in the club” Manara said.

Apart from being a former communication officer at Simba SC, Asha Muhaji was a sport senior journalist at Bingwa and Dimba newspaper.