Social Media Comments of Tanzanian Political Leaders On COVID-19

JOHN MREMA: CHADEMA’s ideology and publicity secretary.“ I congratulate the revolutionary government of Zanzibar for stopping all airplanes from outside the country to land in Zanzibar as a measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. They are not receiving tourists; Can’t a Mainland Government see a danger?”
HUMPHREY POLEPOPOLE: CCM‘s Ideology and Publicity Secretary “If we stop tourists to visit our country for a month, the country’s economy will shake; What we have to do is pray to the almighty God that the disease may disappear in our country”
HAMIS KIGWANGALA: The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism ( MP, Nzega Rural)
“The government of Tanzania has a strategy against Covid-19. The strategies and actions taken are being officially coordinated and announced by the Ministry of Health, and I congratulate them for the great efforts they are putting to respond to the pandemic. I tweet privately.
UMMY MWALIMU: Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Seniors and Children
“Not every fever is COVID-19, prevent yourself and others. Covid-19 is preventable take actions”
LAZARO NYALANDU: “Economic effects caused by COVID-19 in Tanzania will be more than previous seasons. The government should take emergence measures to improve the economy that will enable millions of Tanzanians to afford their life needs while we continue to fight against Coronavirus”
JANUARY MAKAMBA: “In Inspiring the citizens on using an alternative way of payment, mobile and bank companies should remove the tax cut in electronic payments that are more than Tsh.50,000 for three months”