Speaker of the National Assembly, Anne Makinda said Tanzania MPs’ salaries are not large compared to the paid members of other parliaments around the world.

Young made ​​the statement when answering questions to journalists who wanted clarification on his statement on the initiative of the Parliament to save MPs against poor living conditions, which are facing them when they are retired from parliament. 

statement about the plan to Parliament to save MPs retirees against adverse conditions life, which are facing them, was made ​​by Speaker young ones, during a conversation between him and the Speaker of the Parliament of Switzerland, Maya Graf, who visited his office in Dar es Salaam yesterday. 

During his commentary, Speaker young ones he mentioned the salaries paid to members on the list of contributing factors poor living conditions confront parliamentary members retire. 

One of the reasons he mentioned that it changes the charge to members upon completion of their term of parliament or retirement job, made ​​during the Parliamentary counsel consisted of multiparty politics in the country, starting in 1995. 

said throughout the Parliament consisting of members from the same party of politics (CCM), there was a procedure for paying pensions to retired MPs in parliament. 

But he said the procedure was removed later after the Parliament of multiparty politics began in 1995. 

said after Parliament’s start, was placed a new order, whose members completing their term in parliament or retirement that is paid gratuity or tip (gratuity). 

He mentioned other factors contributing members retirees face appalling living conditions that are low salaries are paid while they are at work. 

said despite the salaries of MPs not large compared to that paid to members of parliaments other world, also are required in what little they paid to share constituents. 

“Our salaries not as large as others, also (MP) is required to contribute the province, “said Speaker young ones. 

Speaker Makinda While saying this, one MP is paid a salary of Sh. 11 million per month. 

That is far and allowances of Sh. 330,000 payable MP to attend one session per day. Allowances are Sh. Survival at 80,000 out of his constituency allowances forums Sh. 200,000 per day and vehicle fuel Sh. 50,000, a total that Sh. 330,000 per day. 

Moreover, one MP is paid ‘gratuity’ (gratuity or tip) of Sh. 72 million upon completion of his term of five years in parliament. 

Allowance Sh. MP payable 330,000 per day exceeds the minimum salary for civil servants of Sh. 150,000 per month. 

Moreover, members are given the fund by the State Sh. 30 million each year to support development activities in their respective states. 

government has so far failed to raise the minimum to Sh. 350,000 which kilipendekezwa and Federal Independent Trade Unions Tanzania (TUCTA), a condition that has been causing tension constant flow and unions. 

Regarding rescue legislators against poor living conditions they retired, Speaker Makinda announced a special program of the National Assembly deliver against it. 

announced the deal during and after the conversation between him and the Speaker of the Parliament of Switzerland, Graf yesterday and said Parliament has plans to start providing entrepreneurship training for MPs. 

said the goal of the training, which will begin at any time is empowering legislators to be retirement or their programs parliamentary vitakapofikia limited to tetereke life. 

Makinda said the training will be provided at any time and that the program would be voluntary for members, especially those involved in trade and other activities. 

said it is difficult for an MP to see the worst case of life, which is confronted some MPs when they are retired from parliament. 

But he said the situation has witnessed himself after being elected as Speaker. 

“Ukiona retired parliament, are worse, some are dead,” said Speaker young ones. 

said after sitting on the seat of the Speaker, some legislative veterans have been going to his office (Speaker) ‘mourn’ poor living conditions and ask for help. 

Makinda said the office of the Speaker has no budget, it has been forced to use money from his own pocket to help pensioners who go to his office ‘mourn’ the troubles of life . 

said there are days they had to go to his office five members retired to mourn trouble. 

But he said unfortunately that day could help only some. 

said the situation made ​​those who missed his help on the left, while they complained. 

Makinda said Parliament limefikiria provide such training for members for various reasons. 

Among many MPs now have youth and others have entered parliament as they occur in school, so they can not be chosen again for parliament and, therefore, prone to poor living conditions. 

“Ukishakuwa MP work will go. That is why we consider teaching, especially legislators with business and other activities, “said Speaker young ones, adding: 

“We want to be a member function, enter parliament. It is a discipline we want tuirudishe. We want to place fifty politics should not be a job. “ 

He said the effect of doing politics that is working, is to be transformed into a seasonal options of people fighting. 

“That’s why our options are as variance, they are a life and death.We would not be unpleasantness, “said the young ones. 

And Graf has come in for a personal tour, including a visit projects funded by his country, in the regions of Morogoro and Dodoma, has supported the Speaker young ones about the training given to MPs to be no point in MP elected to keep that position.