SPOKESMAN the Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS), Glory Mziray recently said Province Njombe, Mbeya and Iringa are candlesticks that led to the spread of HIV in the country. 

He Njombe leads by 14.8 percent followed by Iringa by 9.1 percent and Mbeya occupies third place with 9 percent. 
Others percent of infections in brackets is Ruvuma (7.2), Shinyanga (7.4), Dar es Salaam (6.9) Rukwa ( 6.2), Katavi (5.9), Coast (5.9), Tabora (5.1), Kagera (4.8) and Geita (4.7.) 
in other regions had mentioned is Once (4.5), Mwanza (4.2), Mtwara (4.1), Kilimanjaro (3.8 ), Kigoma (3.4), Simiyu (3.6), Morogoro (3.8), Singida (3.3), Dodoma (2.9), Manyara (1.5), Lindi (2.9), Tanga (2.4), Stone (1.9) and Pemba (0.3 ). 
Mziray said those figures are based on research conducted in yesterday until last year. Based on those results, said HIV infection has declined at a slower pace. 
said Tanzanians who has had a proper understanding of education about HIV (HIV) and AIDS constitute 60 percent leading to present very little to change behavior. 
Regarding male circumcision, said reduces HIV infections by 60 percent and insist that there is a need for more education on awareness of the disease.