TBL Launches KIZIBO PESA Promotion, Safari Lager Consumers To Enjoy Remarkable Discounts

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), the leading beer maker in the country has today launched a campaign named ‘Kizibo Pesa’ where a crown of Safari Lager beer 500ml becomes a currency and consumers stand a chance to get instant reward of Tshs 200 discount on their next purchase of Safari Lager 500mls.
 Speaking at a press conference held today in Dar es Salaam, Safari Lager’s Brand Manager, Pamela Kikuli, told reporters that “over the years, TBL has been awarded with multiple golden trophies across our brands portfolio. We figured it is important to celebrate these milestones with a golden trophy to show appreciation to all our loyal consumers.
We want to reward them first through our Safari Lager brand by offering a 200 discount on their next purchase of Safari 500mls” She added: “The consumer will be able to purchase a Safari Lager beer of 500ml and check under the crown (kizibo), if it’s imprinted with Tshs 200, then the customer will be awarded with the discount. “Each consumer will have a 50% probability of winning by just drinking Safari Lager, the most rewarding beer brand in Tanzania.” The countrywide campaign which will run for 2 months (March – May, 2020) will enable all Safari Lager consumers with Kizibo Pesa crowns to request for their discounts at any authorized Kizibo Pesa points of consumption (bars). By exchanging ten golden-plated crowns, the consumer will be able to enjoy a free cold beer for the ultimate refreshment”, Pamela explained. According to Pamela, friends can collect 200 crowns of Safari Lager 500mls to redeem a full crate of Safari Lager beers. “The Kizibo Pesa crowns are worth cash, friends can enjoy safari lager, collect and exchange 200 total Kizibo Pesa crowns to redeem a full case of Safari Lager 500ml”. She concluded.