The Government to employ 1000 Medical Doctors.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has today announced the government’s plan to employ 1000 medical doctors at a medical workers’ association day held in Dar es Salaam.
Speaking at the event, the president said the new doctors will at least reduce the current scarcity of health specialists especially in rural areas. “There are 2700 doctors who are currently unemployed, the government will employ 1000 doctors who will be stationed in all regions across the country”, said President Magufuli.
The president added that the government is working to ensure there are good working conditions at all its health facilities so as to enable the doctors to perform their duties well. “In these four years, the government in collaboration with other stakeholders has built 832 houses for medical specialists and many of them are in rural areas, the government will continue to improve the working conditions for medical specialists to enable them do their job well”, he explained.
Furthermore, President Magufuli has urged medical doctors to be ethical all the time so as to serve the lives of Tanzanians.