UBA Tanzania Celebrate International Women’s Day With Female Customers

UBA Tanzania women celebrated the International women’s day 2020 by inviting bank female customers for a breakfast session prepared by the bank as recognition of women’s vital roles in the society.
The 2020 International Women’s Day focus on the theme, ‘An equal world is an enabled world’, each for equal.
 It offers an opportunity to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.
In commemorating this women’s special day, the bank has as well contributed to the donation of medical equipment, 40 pieces adult diapers, 40 body oils, 40 pieces of laundry soap, 40 pieces of toothpaste , 40 pieces of tooth brushes, 100 plates and 50 bawls, tea mugs 100 pieces, kanga 100 dots, mosquito nets 100 pieces, mosquito spray 5 cartons, 100 basins, flip flops 100 pieces and sanitary pads 40 pieces for women with Fistula at CCBRT hospital on Friday 06th March 2020.
UBA Tanzania women played vital role in enabling other women though various initiatives done by the bank to support women and school girls including sanitary towels, maternity pads and other materials.
The session was held at the UBA Tanzania headquarters; Pugu Road near Mfugale Flyover, whereby the team of women leaders at the bank and other women employees joined forces to educate and discuss various crosscutting issues related to women and finally enjoyed the breakfast with all the women customers invited.
Speaking at the event Flavia Kiyanga the bank Chief Operations Officer, urged the women to engage themselves in entrepreneurship skills and other business activities to empower themselves and build financial stability. Another speaker from the bank, Victoria Lupembe who is the Company Secretary has told the women that now the gender balance is in place as most of the companies, like UBA Tanzania has employed a good number of women to hold executive and non-executive roles.