Westgate: Police warn authors Kenya


Heads of departments of Police in Kenya have been warned to engineers information about had reported cases in the palace of Westgate where terrorists attacked more than three weeks ago. 
This warning comes after reports of soldiers commit robberies in the building while battling terrorists who had kidnapped people kuweme within the palace. 
Chief of Police, David Kimaiyo said that journalists should not provide Propaganda provoking or inciting Kenyans as they fly their ads. 
circles to indicate that some journalists have been interviewed by police today

Pictures of CCTV disclosed to reporters the information indicated soldiers coming out into the hall and plastic bags zilizoshukiwa have a product from one of the malls that were inside the building of Nakumatt. 
Yet military limekanusha these allegations and said that soldiers were taking water drinking during their operation against terrorists. 
Approximately 67 people were killed, including soldiers and hundreds of others injured in the attack by Al Shabaab liliosababishwa as they admit.Waliwateka kidnapped people in the building for four days. 
Along with loot, Momo media Kenya You have said that some soldiers and their sonship during their operation from what kilichosemekana that the lack of clear instructions to bake security chiefs.